Fairlington’s Rent Security Deposit Assistance Program (RSDAP) collaborates with community service agencies to help families overcome the first barrier to securing and maintaining safe and affordable housing. For many, the inability to meet the $1,000 to $2,000 market-rate security deposit requirements means our neighbors can’t take advantage of housing vouchers or subsidized rentals. 


Through gifts to the church and to the FUMC Rent Security Deposit Assistance Program we are able to offer one-time grants of up to $300 toward a security deposit to help homeless and low- income persons move to housing that they can afford in Alexandria and Arlington. The requests from our community partners continue to come in at record pace while the struggle to find affordable housing continues to grow.


In 2023 RSDAP offered grants totaling $31,394 to 99 households!

How Can You Help? 

Join us in helping our neighbors in need secure safe homes for their families. 

  • Join the Club

    To help sustain this mission with a consistent source of funding, make a commitment for twice-yearly contributions to the RSDAP Fund by joining the RSDAP Club.  We will send reminders twice a year in March and September.  Find the sign-up brochures on the Connect boards or sign up online today.

    Click HERE to Sign up

  • Make a one-time donation

    Not ready to commit to giving a gift twice-yearly... that's okay! One-time gifts are always greatly appreciated and accepted. Please make a note on your donation for 'Rental Deposit Assistance'. 

    Way's to Give Your Donation:

    • Give Online HERE
    • Give via Text: Text "GIVE" to 205-898-3862
    • Give via Check: mail to Fairlington UMC 3900 King St., Alexandria VA, 22302

Stories of Families

A grandmother who has custody of four grandchildren and many financial challenges, has recently received a housing voucher.  She wishes to relocate to a private residence for subsidized rent of $146/month.  Fairlington’s contribution of $300 will help her meet the security deposit needed in her effort to provide her grandchildren with the “best quality of life.”

A mother and three children have been homeless and in a Domestic Shelter for several months.  With the assistance of a team of social workers and Fairlington’s security deposit grant, they are relocating to their own home.  Two of the children have disabilities, and Mom is not able to work full time.  She is looking forward to increasing her work, and helping her family move beyond the trauma and turmoil of the past months.

 A single father with a disabled son has been approved for a two-bedroom accessible apartment.  He can transfer $750 from his previous rental  toward the security deposit, but needs to meet a $1895 security deposit before they can move in. He can pay the first month’s rent, but not the security deposit.

An 84-year-old woman who has dementia had been approved for a seniors residence with supportive services twice before, but her family could not gather the necessary funds for the security deposit.  She lives on a fixed income of $775.  With Fairlington’s help, she will now be able to move to a facility that offers appropriate services, for a subsidized rent of $300 a month.