How Fairlington Serves

Fairlington United Methodist Church welcomes all to nurturing faith community that serves God by serving others.

There are a variety of opportunities to serve in hands-on ways with Fairlington in the community!



  • ALIVE!

    Fairlington hosts the ALIVE! housewares collection in our church. To volunteer organizing housewares or delivering them, a great opportunity for youth and adults, contact Al Ross:


    We also volunteer at the Last Saturday Food Distribution at Cora Kelly by distributing housewares and food and doing crafts with children who are there. If you are interested in volunteering contact Rolf Blank:

    Each Saturday, at 11:30am for about two hours, members from Fairlington collect leftover food from the Del Ray Farmer’s Market, drive it to the ALIVE! warehouse, unload it, and sometimes help sort it. If  you would like to help with this opportunity, contact Rolf Blank:

    There is garden behind Fairlington UMC, where we grow food for ALIVE! This is a child-friendly opportunity. To volunteer in the garden contact Anne Wilson:

    For more information on ALIVE!, visit:

  • Caring for God's Creation

    Fairlington has an Ecological Stewardship Covenant with a commitment to care for God's creation.

    This past year, we created an outdoor area with native plants and space to sit outdoors. We have regular opportunities to volunteer to care for that space. If you are interested contact Anne Wilson,

    We continue to work on initiatives to make sure that as a church, we have sustainable practices and encourage others to do the same.

  • Just Neighbors

    Fairlington partners with Just Neighbors for Social Justice Advocacy. To volunteer with Just Neighbors contact Bryce Chadwick:

    For more information on Just Neighbors, visit:

  • Rebuilding Together Alexandria

    Each year we participate in a build day with Rebuilding Together Alexandria, helping to make home repairs for our neighbors. If you would like to volunteer at other times throughout the year, contact Mike Moss:

    For more information on Rebuilding Together Alexandria, visit:

  • Rental Deposit Assistance Program

    For twenty-five years Fairlington United Methodist has had this unique safety net program, which offers one-time grants of up to $300 toward the security deposit to help individuals and families move to housing that they can afford in Alexandria and Arlington. Families and individuals who qualify for affordable housing often times still have to pay large security deposits at market rates ($1,000 to $2,000) which can pose an insurmountable barrier to moving into safe housing.

    If you would like to donate to the program or have questions, contact Carolyn Devilbiss:

  • Rising Hope Mission Church

    Rising Hope is a church that serves individuals living on the route one corridor. Fairlington does regular food drives to help fill their food pantry. If you would like to volunteer with them at other times, contact June Stowe:

    For more information on Rising Hope, visit:

  • West end Lazarus Ministry

    Fairlington United Methodist Church hosts West End Lazarus Ministry on Thursday afternoons. This emergency financial ministry often serves people who are at the end of their list of community and personal resources and Lazarus is their final hope.

    West End Lazarus ministry begins taking guests at 2:45pm every Thursday with a lottery that takes place at 3pm.

    If you would like to volunteer with West End Lazarus Ministry, they are looking for a greeter, to welcome people beginning at 2pm. If you can speak Spanish, that would be extra helpful. They are also looking to train more volunteers to meet with people who attend from 2:45pm-4:30pm, hear their needs, and help find a way forward.

    If you have questions about this ministry or would like to volunteer, contact Melanie Gray: