An invitation to Imagine Renewal!

What makes Fairlington important in your life?  Are you touched by the messages of God’s love and forgiveness in our services each week?  Are you proud of the many ways we help people in our community by providing food and helping with rental assistance?  Do you appreciate our commitment to being a “Green Church” that honors God’s creation?  Or maybe that we provide a place where everyone is loved and welcomed no matter what?  Are you glad that we don’t just talk...we provide practical help for those with needs?  Is it the music that inspires you, or the way your children are always loved and nurtured with open arms? 

These are just some of the ways that help make Fairlington a welcome refuge in a sometimes difficult world.  Over the past year, our church has embraced Imagine Fairlington as a new vision for the future focused on expanding our outreach to our community.  Next year, we want to continue this emphasis with Imagine Renewal.  Throughout 2024, we will continue to renew and strengthen our missions, refresh, and improve our building to ensure it is reliable and welcoming to all, and explore new ways to meet the needs of our community.

If who we are and what we do is important to you in showing God's love, please help us by renewing or making a financial commitment to our church in 2024.  Last year, financial commitments (or pledges) made up nearly 66% of our $891,818 operating budget – our goal is to renew and exceed that level for next year.  Your commitment, regardless of amount, is a valuable gift and will continue to benefit our wonderful staff and facilities, ensure that our mission work grows, and provide tangible and impactful help when we are called to answer a need.

The enclosed commitment card with your generous pledge will enable us to develop a 2024 church budget that reaches the goals necessary to carry out this work for the coming year. Please consider joining us in Imagine Renewal by filling it out and returning it during worship on October 22 or 29.  You can also complete the commitment card online with the QR code below. Together we can do so much more than any one of us can do alone.  Thank you!


click here to give online

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a generosity card? 

A generosity card is a record of a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual giving dedication that you make to our church. A record of your giving dedication enables the church's finance leaders to more accurately budget and plan for missions’ programs, ensure our staff and clergy are paid to minister to those in need and help us in our spiritual growth, support programs and services for our community, and address building maintenance and operations.

I give regularly. Why should I complete a generosity card?

When you complete a generosity card, we know we can count on your support to our church for all its needs. A record of your giving dedication helps us better reach those locally and globally who need our support. Submitting a generosity card is an important part of the budgeting and planning process.

I give regularly online through e-giving. Do I still need to complete a generosity card?

Yes. The church’s bookkeeping system does not record an automatic e-giving contribution as an annual giving dedication. A generosity e-Card, which is the same as a paper card, can be completed by clicking the SUBMIT GENEROSITY CARD button above.

Can I change my giving dedication at any time?

Yes, all you need to do is notify the office. All gifts are welcome and we understand circumstances may change.

What is tithing?

Tithing is the custom of giving a 10th part of all fruits and earnings. We hope you prayerfully consider giving a portion of your first fruits, or the best of what God has given you. That portion may be more or less than a 10th.

Do I need to “tithe” to complete a generosity card?

We are called to give to God “what is right, not what is left over” (first fruits, not leftovers). A giving dedication is a spiritual decision between you and God. Please consider a portion that is meaningful to you. If you have been making an annual giving dedication for a while, consider moving toward tithing or increasing the portion of your gift.

What ways can I fulfill my giving dedication?

You can fulfill the giving dedication made on your generosity card through any duration of your choosing (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) via the following ways:

  • Text or App: Text "GIVE" to 205-TXT-FUMC (205-898-3862); Select "Giving" on the church app menu
  • In Person: A cash or check gift can be placed in offering plates during services
  • Mail: Fairlington United Methodist Church, 3900 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22302
  • Online: Click HERE to access our online giving system