If you missed the info session try out the first session

                                     Monday, May 10.

6-week study/conversation, Mondays starting May 10th from 7-9pm on Zoom (skipping Memorial Day). $25. Scholarships are available, please ask! 

For those who know already they want to join, please register here.



To pay the $25 registration fee you can pay online by donating to the Reconciling Ministry fund:                       FAIRLINGTON UMC DONATION PAGE.  

From Pastor Chenda

Dear Fairlington Framily,

The readings from our sacred text for this Sunday are all about love! It seems fitting to talk about love on a day our national calendar recognizes as “Mother’s Day.” However, the biblical understanding of love is far different from what our culture bombards us with—even on “Mother’s Day!” Both readings harken us to remember that the love we are called to embody, as a faith community grounded in the ways of Jesus Christ, should always be countercultural. This countercultural love is what sets us apart from the world.

The links for this Sunday’s worship and events happening the rest of the week are on this web page.  Please note that we begin our "Courageous Conversations on Race" this Monday, May 10. If you weren't able to attend the intro session last week, you are welcome to trying out Monday's session. We hope you will prayerfully consider being part of these sessions as our congregation strives to live more fully into our reconciling statement. Also, don’t forget, May 16th is Youth Sunday! Pastor Christian has been working with our youth in planning a meaningful worship experience you won’t want to miss.

Lastly, I want to wish a happy Mother’s Day to all who celebrate the joy of this culturally recognized holiday. Additionally, my thoughts and prayers are with those for whom the day will be a challenging reminder of dreams deferred, the absence of a mother’s love, and our society's refusal to accept and honor personal choices about mothering. May God’s comfort and peace be yours.

Have a joy-filled weekend and I look forward to being with you on the Lord’s Day.



  • Courageous conversations on Race

    sponsored by the Fumc Racial justice group

    6-week study/conversation, Mondays starting May 10th from 7-9pm on Zoom (skipping Memorial Day). $25. Scholarships are available, please ask! 

     For those who know already they want to join, please register here.

    Google Form for Courageous Conversations


    To pay the $25 registration fee you can pay online by donating to the Reconciling Ministry fund:                        Fairlington UMC Donation Page.  

    Alternatively, you can mail in a check to the church office. 

    If you need any assistance with payment, please reach out to Ashley Moore at   

                                                              EMAIL ASHLEY or leave a message at 703-731-2936.

    From the facilitator, Tran Kim-Senior As the current unrest in our country reminds us, we still have a lot of work to do when it comes to race relations in our society. It has revealed to us that the wounds and hatred of the past continue to fester and smolder, and we continue to hurt emotionally, spiritually, and physically as a result. Indeed, it is difficult to find room to breathe in the midst of what feels like ongoing suffocation. Courageous Conversations is a sustained dialogue program that seeks to provide a brave space to connect and convene those seeking to understand the dynamics and structures of racial oppression, unpack their own journeys with race, and to strengthen their capacities as anti-racist allies. Courageous Conversations will utilize content from the film Cracking the Codes and participants' personal stories and experiences to inform learning.

  • Our  congregation Faces challenges

    Prepared by the


    read the complete report


    Caring for Creation—In collaboration with trustees the Van Dorn Habitat (“wilderness”) was improved with the installation of 5 native trees and 17 native shrubs.

    Rent Security Deposit Program—Support was continued for those experiencing housing insecurity during COVID-19, including collaborations with Christ Church in Old Town Alexandria.

    • ALIVE!—FUMC has continued to support West End Lazarus and ALIVE ministries with funding, as well as food, cleaning materials and equipment, and other requested support.

    Immigration—FUMC supported Just Neighbors and assisted in refugee resettlement with Trinity UMC. In 2021 FUMC contributed to West End Lazarus efforts to help refugee families (primarily from Afghanistan) to apply for relief benefits and meet basic needs during COVID-19.

    Additional Covid 19 Related Outreach

    Coat Drive Through donations from members and our community FUMC delivered 40 coats/jackets/sweaters and 50 knitted items to Rising Hope and Mother of Light—the result of Jan. and Feb. collections of these items.

    Vaccine Sign Ups Some FUMC members have been helping older adults register to receive COVID-19 vaccines. If you know of older adults who need help registering for COVID-19 vaccines please Contact Christian White.

    The Senior Ambassadors have been checking in on some of our 65 plus members and those who have been unable to be out and about due to COVID-19.  click to continue.


    Click Here to see the delightful gifts and goodies on sale now!

    Proceeds from these fundraisers support local and national non-profits impacting the lives of women, children and youth. For details or questions please Email us. FairlingtonUMW@gmail.com

  • Getting equipped for 

                      In-Church & Online Worship.


    Fairlington UMC is asking for much needed additional financial gifts for AV equipment. This is not in the 2021 budget. You are invited to give by clicking on the Donate Here sign or by going to fairlingtonumc.org/give/donate. When you do, please list your donation on the line Other: AVTech. If mailing a check indicate AVTech on the check memo line.  Thank you for your help!

  • Wednesday zoom Podcast Discussion

    Fairlington United Methodist Women is discussing the 2021 podcast series Who Deserves a Monument? (https://monumentpodcast.podbean.com). “Inspired by one Baltimore high school, this podcast investigates the history of Confederate monuments and symbols—and their uncertain future. But mostly, it explores monumental moments through the stories of five unsung African Americans whose courage and cunning dramatically shaped American history.” Join Fairlington UMW as we discover how our previous podcast discussions intersect with these inspiring leaders with ties to neighboring Baltimore, Maryland. Contact Karlene Masters karlenemasters@hotmail.com) for the Zoom meeting instructions.

    May 5 – The Afro-American’s Frontpage News https://bit.ly/31yzswc


    Online Sunday, mAY 9 @ 5:30pm


    We will be reading the book: “Submitting to be More Vile: The Illustrated Adventures of John & Charles Wesley” by Charlie Baber from now through June. There will also be a bi-monthly social gathering. For more information, contact chenda@fairlingtonumc.org

  • Now enrolling for fall 2021

    Fairlington Preschool is now enrolling for the 2021-2022 school year. There are openings in classes for children ages 2 – 5. Questions? Please call Carol Keller in the preschool office 703-671-3939. More information is available on our website  www.fairlingtonpreschool.org