Celebrating Community:

Stories of Why We Give

Growing in faith

I value the community I found in Sunday.  It's nice talking to other parents about the ups and down of parenting.  

a place of acceptance

I have been blessed with small group studies, mission trips, and community outreach that has helped me know myself better as well as my neighbors.  Fairlington practices open hands, open hearts, and it is here that I have felt loved, accepted and part of a family away from home.  Most importantly I am proud of being with a gorup of individuals who love God, appreciate those in our community and understand the importance of loving abundantly in the world in which we dwell.  I am indeed grateful and blessed.


It's Framily

We came from Iowa to Virginia to begin our careers in 1963.  After finding Fairlington UMC we joined the couples club and still keep in touch with the friends we made.  

We believe this is an example of FUMC becoming our community and family—especially since all of our relatives were at least 1200 miles away in the Midwest. We continue to see that community thriving and growing at FUMC with all of the various activities available and we believe it is worth supporting.

Donate to Fairlington UMC

None of the work we do at our church would be possible without God moving the hearts of our people to give. Your generosity helps create a church where people feel welcomed, lead, and loved—a place where life-changing stories are being written every week. On behalf of those stories, thank you for giving from your heart.


We give in order to be blessed, not for fear of anything negative in our lives. We give out of gratitude and love! You can give your gift safely and securely online - this is one of the easiest ways to give to our church. Thank you