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Fairlington Preschool is a non-sectarian, non-profit, morning preschool sponsored by Fairlington United Methodist Church.  The school admits students of any race, creed, color, religion, national and ethnic origin, or ability. The preschool supports the learning and development of all children, including those with disabilities, and to that end, our curriculum, staffing and learning environment supports the inclusion of children with disabilities in each classroom. Children with special needs or disabilities are included in each class.  In addition, Fairlington Preschool operates two Community Partnership inclusion classrooms in conjunction with Alexandria City Public Schools. Fairlington Preschool is licensed to operate as a Child Day Center by the State of Virginia and follows NAEYC standards.

At Fairlington Preschool, the framework for the experiences offered to children is the High/Scope Curriculum.  High Scope is a proven, research-validated preschool curriculum that advocates an active learning approach where children learn by being involved in direct, hands-on experiences with people, objects, ideas and events.

Play is the natural mode of learning for the young child.  Within the context of play, the curriculum emphasizes sensory awareness, independent thinking, decision making and the development of social skills.  The learning environment offers a wide variety of experiences and materials.  Children learn pre-reading and early math skills through developmentally appropriate activities. A great emphasis is placed on language development and literacy. The school has a lending library and children are encouraged to choose and take home a book from school each week. Outdoor play is also a key element of the daily routine.  Children go outside every day unless it is raining, or the temperature is below freezing. When outdoor play is not possible, the children play in the church fellowship hall which is a large open area.  Riding toys, tumbling mats, climbing structures and ball games are set up for the children.  No religious instruction is included in the curriculum. 

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For information about our programs, please contact the Director, Carol Keller, at the Fairlington Preschool Office by calling 703-671-3939 or by email preschool@fairlingtonumc.org