Find JOY in eGIVING! 

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Supporting the work of FUMC in our community and world

Searching for your checkbook on Sunday morning

Predictable personal cash flow

Searching for your FUMC envelopes on Sunday morning

Convenience of auto-pay

Catching up on missed pledge payments or contributions when you’ve been away

YES? Then read on for an offer you can’t resist!

FUMC offers convenient and simple eGIVING options


Online Giving

Text Giving

Make one-time or recurring gifts on your preferred schedule from your bank account or credit card

Make one-time gifts using credit card or debit card

Easily designate your gift to pledge or special giving categories

Easily designate your gift to pledge or special giving categories

CLICK HERE to set up eGIVING and follow the instructions!

Text ASSIST to 703-454-8702 and follow the instructions!


What is the purpose of a pledge card?

A pledge card is a record of an annual giving commitment that you make to your church. Pledging enables us to more accurately budget and plan for missions’ programs, ensure our staff and clergy are paid to minister to those in need, and help us in our spiritual growth, support programs and services for our community, and address building maintenance and operations.


I give regularly but why should I pledge?

When you pledge we know we can count on your support to our church for all its needs. Pledging helps us better reach those locally and globally who need our support. A record of projected contributions also helps with the planning process. 


I give regularly on-line through e-giving.

Do I still need to complete and return a pledge card?

All gifts are welcome, but yes, having a pledge card is very important. The church’s bookkeeping system does not record an automatic e-giving contribution as an annual pledge. An e-pledge card, which is the same as a paper pledge card, can be completed and returned on-line here.


Can I change my pledge at any time?

Yes, all you need to do is notify the office. All gifts are welcome and we understand circumstances may change.


What is tithing?

Tithing is the custom of giving a 10th part of all fruits and earnings. We hope you prayerfully consider giving a portion of your first fruits, or the best of what God has given you. That portion may be more or less than a 10th.


Do I need to “tithe” to complete and return a pledge card?

We are called to give to God “what is right, not what is left over” (first fruits, not leftovers). A commitment of proportional annual giving is a spiritual decision between you and God. Please consider a portion that is meaningful to you. If you have been pledging for a while, consider moving toward tithing or increasing the portion of your gift.


What ways can I pay my pledge?

You can pay or give your way through any duration of your choosing (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) via the following three methods:

Check or cash: Pre-printed envelopes can be ordered for a weekly or monthly duration, or simply put a check in the offering plate, or place cash or check in the envelopes found in the pews.  

E-giving: On-line giving can be set up on a recurring basis of your choice or as a one-time contribution. You can choose automatic deduction or review before you send. To sign up visit the giving section of FUMC’s website and follow the link.

Text: Simply text a dollar amount to 703-454-8702 with the word “PLEDGE.”